Lluís Quílez was born in Barcelona and graduated in filmmaking at ESCAC. He earned more than 130 awards with his previous short-films “EL SIGUIENTE”, “AVATAR” and “YANINDARA” (Melies d’Argent winner, Oscar short-listed). He made his feature film debut on Participant Media’s «OUT OF THE DARK», a Colombian-set ghost story, starring Julia Stiles, Scott Speedman and Stephen Rea. Lluís Quílez combines his film career with music videos and commercials alongside teaching: delivering lectures on film direction at the prestigious film schools Escac and Ecib. At 2015 he founded his own production company Euphoria Productions.

The most important facet of LLuís Quílez’ career as a director is his wide knowledge that makes his films rather universal and exciting. The precision in his scripts, his command over the film narrative and language and their visual pace, make these his best tools for dealing with any new project, thus resulting in a combination of strictness, efficiency and excitement pervading all his work.

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«Directing is to create a nonexistent world and capture it. A world based on reality but unique at the same time, inaccessible and with its own logic. Something similar happens when we dream. That is why talking about dreams is like talking about movies, they both use the same language: years can be explained in seconds and an instant can last an eternity.»

Lluís Quílez